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About our company

"My name is Alex Mustafin, and I'm a math Olympiad winner and Microsoft C# course graduate. I've been working in the field of transportation and information technology since 2009, and I've been involved in a variety of projects, ranging from transportation mobile apps to transportation management system designs. But the project I'm most proud of is wikiroutes.info - the world's first crowdsourced public transport platform with millions of users from around the world.

I wanted to use my knowledge of public transport to create something beneficial for the world, and that's why I decided to establish gtfs.pro. To make this project a reality, I gathered a team of data cleaning and processing experts. Over the years, we've developed dozens of complex mathematical algorithms and unique methods for processing, removing duplicates, comparing, and supplementing transport data from different countries. We also have our own content center with specialists in urban studies, cartography, and navigation who manually supplement and check transport information. At the moment, we have several customers from some of the world's biggest mapping companies."

Alex MustafinFounder of TRANSDEVELOPMENT LLC

Aggregated data from thousands of sources

You no longer need dozens of accounts to work with transport data. All relevant data is in place.

We work with several thousands of data sources, and the number is growing every month. The following countries are already subscribed to transport data app on GTFS.PRO: USA, Japan, Turkey, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria , Serbia, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and others (More than 70 countries at the moment).

Single data format

Unlike other data providers, GTFS.pro covers all sources of transport information and brings different data formats to a single standard. The clients are offered the single most convenient and modern final data format for static schedules – GTFS (Google Transit Feed Specification).

The GTFS format is the most popular in the world among companies that produce products using geospatial data (mobile navigation applications for transport, MAAS platforms, products for transport planning and urban infrastructure).

Quality assurance

The client is guaranteed high quality data throughout the coverage. You receive the most complete and detailed data on the market. The most powerful server with an instant response and minimal synchronization time with schedules (less than 1 second) provides real-time data. Implemented a mechanism for instant rollback to the latest up-to-date working version of the dataset in case of data source server failures.

To implement the guarantees, we carry out a full range of necessary works:
  1. Search for relevant links and manual verification: visualization of GTFS data, visualization of schedules, validation of GTFS by validators.
  2. Professional validation of GTFS and checking it for compliance with the structure, reconciliation against all tables.
  3. Processing and correction of typical errors in csv structure of GTFS.
  4. Support for importing non-standard files inside GTFS and linking them by field names to a full-fledged database.
  5. Procedures for cleaning junk and obsolete data and checking the consistency of the main GTFS tables
  6. Procedures for checking the validity of data depending on the selected region: the location of the stops
    (whether they go beyond the city / country), the use of the language for text fields, etc.
  7. Procedures for deduplication of identical data, gluing trips, calendars and routes.
  8. Procedures for finding similar stops and routes.
  9. Procedures for the analysis of schedules: the imposition of successive trips on top of each other, checking fast travel.
  10. Interpolation and generalization of shapes (beautification).

Licenses for commercial use

We work with all types of licenses. At the request of the customer, we can use datasets with licenses that do not restrict the commercial use of data. All datasets include disclaimers. We are always responsible for checking the sources and their license agreements.

Full support for your projects

  1. Full immersion in your projects to provide the best service.
  2. Individual approach: we can customize our data to better suit your projects.
  3. We are constantly in touch via video calls, email, ticket systems.
  4. We can improve your final product with our services.

We collect data from scratch on a custom request

Our team of transport experts, experienced developers, analysts and content managers is ready to develop and provide data for any region of the planet that interests you. In each individual country, we:

  • We form a transport database, the data of which is presented in electronic form in the format of static schedules or real-time data.
  • We create a transport base from scratch, if there are no consolidated electronic data sources in the country, using crowdsourcing technology, manual data processing and field research.
  • We enrich the transport database with a lot of related and related data